5th July 2018

Creative Writing 3.4

“I’ve told you, Liam! We can’t afford it. We need to only spend money on food now”

“I wish you would just listen to me. Why can’t you just hear me out with this one, trust me” Says Liam.

His catching, sharp voice wakes me to reality. I soon come to the realisation that this was in fact definitely a dream as I look down to where his head hangs. It no longer sits, perched as if someone was inside like he did shortly after the accident. His head now slumps, bent, off to the side while leaning against the mask of the boat. Blisters are now bigger than his real lips which once spoke the words that would drag me out of bed each morning. It must have been at least a week since it happened as some of the burning blisters have burst as if they are in slow motion, with a transparent liquid oozing out to then crust around the newly forming mounds of blisters. There are several grazes over his skin which used to be so soft with only a few imperfections. These grazes must have happened because of it. They lead me to the right side of his head. Covered with mousy cloured, thick hair, a bump rises like a volcano out of a mountain range. I think to myself, this injury is what has killed him, the boat has killed him, the storm killed him, I killed him.

While listening to the popular tune this year of “where is the love” by the Black Eyed Pees, Liam starts to mouth the words like he is a member of the band




Where is the love, song popular in 2003



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